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Wiggli is an all-in-one recruitment solution that guides you through every step of your recruitment process, from sourcing to integrating your candidates.

✅ Attract candidates instead of searching for them: An Employer Brand page is undeniably the best way to catch the attention of your candidates without any additional effort, to reach them where they are, to help them get to know you better and to attract them to apply for your offers.

✅ No more time wasted managing job boards one by one, publish all your job offers from one place: Duplicate, share and republish all your job offers on more than 2,600 job board partners and maximize your chances of finding the perfect candidate. All applications land directly in our integrated ATS.

✅ Finally build and structure your talent pool : Don't start from scratch for each new recruiting request by building a pool of qualified candidates; a candidate updates his CV and you are immediately notified.
✅ Search for candidates efficiently : Do you have a new job opening? Use the matching indicators to find the candidates that most closely match your description and use the advanced search to filter your selection by any criteria: seniority, language, skills, custom tag…
✅ Streamline your recruitment efforts by using the ATS : Use the integrated ATS to structure and manage your entire recruiting process, automate time-consuming tasks, schedule interviews and even send offers directly to the candidate without leaving the application.
✅Analyze and anticipate your future needs: Analyze the performance of all your job offers, the channels that generate the most applicants, the number of interviews held to reach the number of recruits and deadlines. Getting information is powerful!


Why create a Wiggli Employer Branding page?


📌 Having an employer brand is undeniably the best way to attracting candidates who will immerse themselves in your corporate culture from the very first contact, and who will be able to integrate easily into your teams.


✅ Wiggli offers you a dedicated page that perfectly reflects your company's identity and colors, and on which you can communicate not only your values, teams and departments, but also publish your latest job offers.


👉 Having a strong identity that highlights your teams, your commitments and your mission will de facto attract candidates who are like you.



Can I add my team members to the application?




Wiggli allows you to add an unlimited number of members to your team, while assigning them roles and affecting them to specific departments.


✅ Each member will have limited access based on their role and department assignment.


✅ You also have the option of tracking the activity of your team members and assigning them specific tasks to make your recruitment process smoother and more efficient.



I already work with a service provider company, can I integrate it into my process?


Yes still!  


With Wiggli's Vendor Management System (VMS), you can easily manage all service providers offering temporary profiles such as freelancers or occasional employees.


✅ Suppliers are managed via a tiering system, enabling you to process and rank them according to your needs.


✅ You also have the option to store all documents and administrative papers linked to your recruitment directly on the platform, saving you time and improving the efficiency of your overall processes.


👋 No more duplicate applications, conflicts over terms or unclear areas in the process: everything is clear to both parties from the beginning. A transparent approach that facilitates collaboration and strengthens mutual trust.




Does Wiggli take into consideration the RGPD regulations?


Definitely, and it's one of our most important commitments at Wiggli.


📌 Candidates have full control over the use of their personal data and are transparently informed of how this data will be used.


👉In fact the main objective of using this data is to find the Recruiter/Candidate Match while complying with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the European Union.

NB! To access the profiles of candidates who have chosen to permanently delete their profile as well as their data from the platform, simply go to the "settings" tab and click on the "RGBD" section.

Employer branding One platform. Infinite possibilities Request demo
Your data is safe with us

Data protection is our priority, we are GDPR-compliant

Employer branding

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Wiggli. All rights reserved.
Employer branding One platform. Infinite possibilities Request demo
Your data is safe with us

Data protection is our priority, we are GDPR-compliant

Employer branding
© 2024 Wiggli. All rights reserved.
Employer branding

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