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Why create a Wiggli account?


Creating a Wiggli account offers a range of compelling benefits. Here's why you should consider creating an account 👇


✅ Full control over your career: By completing your profile in just a few clicks, you gain complete control over your career aspirations. You can directly access job offers from companies that align with your dreams and aspirations, making it easier to find the right opportunities. With a single click, you can apply for positions that interest you, saving you time and effort.

✅Stay informed throughout the recruitment process: Wiggli ensures that you stay informed at every stage of the recruitment process. You will receive notifications, keeping you updated about the progress of your application. This transparency allows you to stay engaged and aware about the status of your candidacy.

✅Increased visibility for your skills and qualifications: When you update your skills or certifications on Wiggli, companies actively seeking those qualifications will be notified. This feature increases your visibility to potential employers who are specifically looking for candidates with your expertise. 

✅ Track your candidacy with ease: With Wiggli, you will have clear visibility into the recruitment process and the progress of your candidacy within each company. This information empowers you to stay organized and track your applications effectively. You can easily monitor the evolution of your candidature, making informed decisions and taking necessary actions.


👉 Creating a Wiggli account provides you with control over your career, access to relevant job opportunities, real-time notifications, enhanced visibility for your skills, and the ability to track your candidacy efficiently.



What happens when I apply?


We prioritize providing candidates with a seamless and transparent experience throughout the recruitment process.


📌 Rest assured that you will receive notifications at every stage of the process, which may vary depending on the specific company, industry, and job you are applying for.


For this reason, we encourage you to activate the notifications on the settings section of your profile, as well as the alerts linked to the companies that interest you, so that you can be informed about every new job offer published.




What do you do with my data?


Remember, you maintain 100% of control.


All the data you entrust to us is secure and remains at your disposal at any time (update, delete, etc.). This is one of our most important commitments: you keep the control!


✅ You have the option of deleting your profile entirely or switching to inactive mode, while preserving your personal data and the way you want to be represented on the platform.


👉 To do so, simply go to the privacy section of your profile.


NB! If you choose to delete your account entirely, any ongoing processes associated with your account will be canceled and personal data will be permanently deleted from the platform.



Do interviews have to be in-person?


Not necessarily! It will depend on the process that the company has defined.


Before inviting you for an interview, the recruiter plans in advance how and where the interview will take place. This may be a meeting at the company's offices or a remote interview. 


In the case of remote interviews, the platform directly integrates videoconference interviews.


✌ No need to panic about finding the link the recruiter sent you so you can attend your interview.



How can I find the offer that matches my expectations and/or the company that fits me?


We are aware that finding the company of your dreams is not easy!


To make it easier for you, we present both the available offers as well as the companies that have published these offers.


📌 This way, you will be able to envision yourself (or not) working for your future employer by sending your application directly to them: either via an existing offer or by a spontaneous application.


We also give you the possibility to filter your search according to your most relevant criteria and follow the companies that interest you to stay informed about every new job offer published.



Does it cost anything?


Pssst! No,


💰 you can create your account, search for the company of your dreams, and even get in touch with the recruiters. All this is 100% free.



What happens once I'm hired?


🎉 First and foremost, congratulations! 


That's exactly why we designed this application! Your offer will be sent to you directly from the application as well as your contract as soon as you accept it.


Let the adventure begin. 👊



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Your data is safe with us

Data protection is our priority, we are GDPR-compliant

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Employer branding One platform. Infinite possibilities Request demo
Your data is safe with us

Data protection is our priority, we are GDPR-compliant

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© 2024 Wiggli. All rights reserved.
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