Unraveling the Different Types of Colleagues

Wiggli Team
May 22, 2023

Workplaces are like a TV show where every performer has their own unique act. It's inevitable to encounter a diverse range of coworkers, and different types of colleagues, each with their own distinct behaviors and work styles.

Have you ever contemplated classifying colleagues based on their characteristics? Moreover, have you ever wondered which category you fall into?

Let's shine the spotlight on the wacky yet professional types of colleagues you're bound to encounter.

The 13 types of colleagues:

1. The Grumpy Cat 

In every office, there are individuals who perpetually grumble about everything. In fact, these chronic complainers seek an outlet for their frustrations. Engaging in constructive discussions with colleagues is encouraged, but just make sure not to get caught in their web of negativity!

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2. The Gossip Brewer 

We all know at least one coworker who seems to be well-informed about everything happening in the office. While indulging in occasional workplace gossip during breaks is fun, sometimes, and may seem harmless, excessive focus on unnecessary discussions can be counterproductive.

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3. The Quiet Colleague

Shh! While some are gossiping, there are those who prefer silence in their workspace. Being quietly focused on the tasks at hand can have its advantages:

  • Increased noticeability
  • Higher productivity
  • Heightened attentiveness from colleagues

However, it's important to strike a balance by engaging in occasional conversations to establish connections.

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4. The Attention Grabber  

Lights, camera, action! Behold the masters of capturing the spotlight. These natural-born performers possess the skill of captivating others' attention effortlessly. They're like walking human billboards—always promoting something in the workplace, be it their ideas or themselves!

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5. The Yes Man 

The champion of agreement, the king or queen of compliance. No matter how wild or unreasonable the request, they'll nod their heads and say, "Yes!" While impressing superiors can be tempting, blindly adhering to every order may not be the most effective approach in every situation.

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6. The Dream Destroyer

Invariably, there are those who derive pleasure from belittling others' ideas and dreams, the nemeses of ambition. Their skepticism and discouragement can destroy the spirits of ambitious colleagues. That being said, recognize the value of constructive feedback, but be cautious of those who consistently undermine your aspirations. Even the greatest heroes face doubters, so keep on dreaming!

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7. The Sleeper 

Struggling to leave the comfort of their beds, sleepers begrudgingly make their way to work, often longing for the opportunity to return to sleep. Witness the grand art of napping on the job!

Hey, it's all about power napping for peak productivity, right?

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8. The “It’s-None-of-My-Business”  

Need help? Forget about it!

These colleagues are all business, all the time. They've mastered the skill of avoiding entanglements and keeping their focus solely on their own tasks. In brief, they prioritize their own responsibilities above all else. If you seek support, they will respond with a disinterested, "It's none of my business."

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9. The Motivational Colleague

Brace yourself for the burst of energy! These spirited colleagues are like human cheerleaders, fueling the team with their infectious enthusiasm. They're the office's walking batteries, inspiring and guiding others toward accomplishing tasks in an engaging manner. Evidently, their infectious positivity helps maintain high spirits throughout the office for all types of colleagues.

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10. The Hard Worker

Notice that colleague who never takes a break? The office workaholic, the relentless seeker of success.

These dedicated souls put in their blood, sweat, and tears (well, mostly sweat) to get the job done. Moreover, they have an unquenchable thirst and willingness to continuously learn and grow. Just be sure to remind them that life exists outside the office walls!

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11. The Tech Junky 

In every workplace, there is a tech-savvy individual who eagerly embraces new devices, software, and tools. As a result, their expertise makes them the go-to person for every technical hiccup. Whether it's a smartphone glitch or a computer conundrum, they've got the solution with all the tech tricks up their sleeves!

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12. The Look-busy-do-nothing Type 

Witness the grand illusion of productivity! These employees appear perpetually occupied, but their productivity fails to align with their apparent busyness. These masters of deception have perfected the art of appearing busy while achieving next to nothing. In reality, they seek ways to shirk responsibility while giving off the impression of diligence. A performance worthy of an Oscar, indeed.

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13. The Hard-to-Understand Type 

Have you ever encountered a coworker who at first glance seemed distant or unapproachable? Eventually, you were pleasantly surprised to discover their remarkable qualities. These enigmatic colleagues can surprise us by defying initial impressions, ultimately becoming your favorite out of all types of colleagues. As you unravel the layers of their personality, you discover hidden depths and a surprisingly delightful camaraderie.

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Which type of colleague are you?

We've showcased a colorful cast representing the different types of colleagues who make the workplace a carnival of personalities.

Perhaps, as you were reading you thought of some familiar faces you encounter at work.

Take a moment to reflect: which of these delightful characters resonates with your own professional persona? Are you more of a motivator or a mix of a grumpy, sleepy cat? 

Using the personality tests provided within Wiggli can help you identify what type of colleague you might potentially recruit!

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